Are you a Christian artist who wants your song on the radio but don’t know where to start? PlayCHR can help! With our extensive contacts we can make sure your song gets to the right people who make decisions about what gets played on the radio.

At PlayCHR we recognize that while radio remains one of the most important avenues for breaking songs, we are in an era where the role of streaming and social media continue to grow in influence. That’s why we have options available to send your song to playlisters and influencers as well!

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Radio Stations

Whether you work for a traditional radio station or an internet station, at PlayCHR we know that finding good songs to add to your playlists can be a daunting task. That’s why we only accept songs that we think are radio ready. We want to respect your time and make sure we only send out songs that we think *might* be a good fit for Christian radio, whatever your format might be. That doesn’t mean that every song we work with will be a good fit for your particular station, of course not. But we work hard to make sure we aren’t wasting the time of music directors at radio stations OR wasting money for artists that wish to work with us.

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What an amazing time to be a music fan! Not only is there more music available than anyone can ever hope to listen to, but thanks to streaming services and social media, now you can have a platform to share your love of music with the world! With so much music getting released every week, it can be hard to find music that fits your format.

Our artists would love to have their songs be part of what you are doing and if you’d like to be a part of their journey, signup today to be added to our distribution list!