PlayCHR exists to do one thing: Help Christian artists get their songs heard at an affordable price. As artists ourselves, we’ve used other promotion services and came away from the experience frustrated and feeling like there had to be a better way. These are the biggest problems we set out to solve:

  • The price was too high
  • The values of some promotion companies are at odds with Christian values
  • The distribution lists were out of date
  • The distribution lists had large amounts of overlap but were charged as separate lists

The first two items on that list were the easiest to solve. First, we set our prices at what we feel are more reasonable and fair rates. Second, as Christians ourselves, we share your values and we want to be part of your musical journey toward success.

Creating the distribution lists was a lot of labor. There is no single source of contact information, with accompanying music formats, for radio stations. Our initial distribution lists were the result of countless hours of labor to make sure we were giving ourselves (remember we are artists too!) and our customers the best chance for success with their songs. Keeping the distribution lists up to date will be an ongoing task. That’s why, even though we believe our prices to be significantly less expensive than competitors, we are still a paid service. Our hope is that the value we provide will be evident in the results you experience!